Live-in Care or a Daily Visit?

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You might be considering in home care for your mom or dad, but do they need live-in care or just a daily visit?  In this article, our experts at UMC HomeWorks explain the difference between the two,  and give some helpful advice on how to decide which level of care is appropriate for your loved one needs.

What is live-in care?

Not to be confused with 24-hour care or overnight care, live-in care is when a home health aide moves into a client’s home to take up residence for as long as care is required. With this service, a schedule will be created for the caregiver that includes care times and requirements as well as time off for sleep and leisure. You will usually only have one caregiver and they will be a part of home life as well as attending to their client as the schedule dictates.

In contrast, overnight and 24-hour care occur when the client needs a caregiver actively on duty during the night or during the 24-hour cycle (this can mean shifts of a few different caregivers). This type of care is recommended when a client cannot be left unattended.

Live-in care is a great option for seniors who don’t need overnight care but can benefit from consistent assistance through the day. For example, if your loved one needs help with activities of daily living (bathing, grooming, meals, etc.), need to be driven to appointments, and would like companionship through the day, but sleep well and don’t require attention at night, live-in care would be a good fit

In terms of costs, a live-in caregiver is generally more affordable option. Their pay is independent of and in addition to room and board, and they have the right to 5-8 hours of sleep per day, time off within the workday, and overtime pay.

What is a daily visit?

A daily visit is when a home health aide visits the client for a predetermined number of hours each day according to a set schedule. This schedule and the activities they are responsible for will be developed between the home health aide and the agency providing their services, as well as with you and your loved one.

For example, a daily visit may be ideal if you have busy mornings and you need someone to assist your loved one with bathing, grooming, breakfasting, and getting ready for the day. Or, if you work afternoon shifts, a daily visit can ensure your loved one has had lunch and dinner, gets some exercise and companionship, and is readied for bed in the evenings.

Because they require fewer hours of care, daily visits are more affordable than live-in care, and you don’t have to make provisions for room and board. This is the lowest level of in-home care, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can be scaled up or down. For example, you can start  daily visits at 3 hours a day, but if you discover your loved one needs more help, this can be increased to an 8-hour shift to include all meals and assistance services. In this way, a daily visit can provide the same level of care as a live-in caregiver, without needing to stay overnight or move into the home.

Choosing the right care – and the right caregivers – in NJ

When looking for live-in care or daily care, it’s important to focus on what activities your loved one needs assistance with, as well as what type of care they need. Our team can help you find the right service for your loved one.

The United Methodist Communities HomeWorks program is designed for seniors who want more assistance in daily life while still enjoying the comfort of home and their communities. We provide live-in care, daily visits, 24-hour care, overnight care, and respite care – all through well-trained, experienced, and qualified caregivers. To find out how we can help you or your parents live a healthy independent life through at home care for the elderly, please contact us today or visit our website at 

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