How to Select a Home Health Aide for Mom

If you aren’t used to conducting interviews, finding the right home health aide for your parent can be a somewhat intimidating process! After all, you’re looking for someone who you can trust with the intimate care and personal wellbeing of your loved one. To help you out, we have a list of questions that our experts at UMC HomeWorks suggest you ask your potential candidate. 

How to prepare to interview a candidate for a home health aide position

Having a list of questions like the one we’re supplying here will help you cover most of the bases when it comes to evaluating candidates. We also suggest that you record the interview (with the interviewee’s permission) so that you can go back and re-listen to their answers in more detail.

  • What is the level of care you have provided for past clients? Do you have any specialties or experience with certain ages or conditions?

This tests job knowledge and skills, so remember to take special note of anything in their response that would be similar to what your parent would require. You will want to make note of the caregiver’s relevant training, additional education, and certifications, as well as on-the-job experience.

  • What would you do in an emergency situation? How have emergencies in the past been handled?

This will help you determine their ability to work during a stressful event, for example, a fall, allergic reaction, or medical emergency. They should be calm, follow a set protocol, be able to communicate with family members, supply First Aid if needed, and supply doctors with relevant information on medication, health conditions, etc.

  • How do you typically communicate or work with the family of your client?

Interpersonal skills and conflict management skills are very important, and your candidate should be able to demonstrate how they communicate, send updates, and even handle more demanding family members in an organized and detailed manner.

  • How would you handle a situation where your client is resistant to your services or unwelcoming, even if it is clear they require aide?

Often, home health aides are hired by family rather than the person who needs the care, which can lead to situations where the person is unhappy about having someone in their home. Some clients, especially if they have a cognitive issue, can become agitated, refuse care, and get angry. It’s important that the home health aide can overcome this with compassion and a genuine care for their wellbeing, not frustration or inappropriate behavior.

  • How do you support your client’s privacy, dignity, and independence?

Caregiving work is often intimate in nature, since you are in someone’s private space and assisting with medical matters, bathing, grooming, dressing, and other personal care. It’s very important that your home health aide can make your parent feel comfortable and accepting of their help while still supporting their independence and helping them build on their strengths.

In addition, it is also very important to run a full background check on applicants to make sure they hold the certifications they claim and that they have no criminal history. You should also speak to multiple references to check on their character and get supporting information for their answers.

UMC HomeWorks can provide you with a candidate that meets all these requirements

One of the benefits of hiring an aide like those provided by UMC HomeWorks is the extensive background checking they undergo prior to employment. And, if for any reason you or your loved one becomes unsatisfied, we can provide a different qualified, experienced, and compassionate home health aide for you, without the hassle of trying to hire again yourself.

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