In-Home Respite Care

Taking Care of an elderly relative or friend in their home can be both a rewarding, and a challenging experience…

As our parents age, their need for our help increases, right around the time many of us are busy raising young families, or juggling demanding careers.  The dictionary defines respite care as “a short period of rest or relief from something difficult” or “an interval of rest or relief”. Respite care generally refers to care provided to offer such a break to a primary caregiver.   Respite care aides like those provided by United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, give you a chance to take a break.  A break from care-giving and other care related responsibilities while remaining assured that your loved one receives the highest most dependable level of supervision, assistance, and companionship while you are gone. Respite care might be provided full time for a period such as a week or two (for example, while a caregiver travels) or might be provided on an intermittent basis (such as every afternoon or once a a week so a caregiver can run errands, rest or attend an activity. UMC HomeWorks caregivers can plug in quickly and professionally and you can have the peace of mind you need. 

Why Should I Want A Certified Respite Caregiver?

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When your potential needs go beyond simple companionship, a certified respite caregiver is the way to go. Certified Respite Care Aides are trained and certified to deal with a variety of situations and needs. Certified respite caregivers have the training, background screening, and commitment you want when the safety and care of a loved one is at stake.

Our respite care providers are state certified home health aides (CHHA), screened for experience, compassion, and patience in dealing with seniors.

All certified home health aides are closely supervised by experienced home care RN’s. Nurses train our home health aides to report any change is the patient’s condition so that timely interventions can help prevent ER visits and hospitalizations.

What Services Are UMC In-Home Senior Respite Care Aides providing?

UMC Homeworks provides a wide array of non-medical in-home support with medical assistance available to those with more advanced needs.

We Routinely Provide   
BathingGroomingMeal PreparationErrands
Shopping AssistanceAmbulation and Exercise AssistanceLight HousekeepingEngaging Companionship and Socialization

Nursing care and medication management are also available. We specialize in Alzheimer’s/Dementia care and train our caregivers in the special care needs of this population.

Why is United Methodist Communities HomeWorks Different than so Many Other Repite Care Services In New Jersey?

As a non-profit organization United Methodist Communities has been dedicated to taking care of New Jersey Seniors for over 100 years through our assisted living and senior housing communities across the state.

When considering a respite care service, one unique feature of United Methodist Communities of New Jersey is our ability to leverage our full service assisted living and nursing home communities across the state. These communities provide a path for those wanting in-home respite now, but needing more comprehensive care in the future. The professionals at these communities can easily provide supplementary respite care services to those in the vicinity of these centers. Our office staff and RN’s will assist with arranging visiting physician service and assist with planning and arranging other needed services.

Additionally United Methodist Communities has a faith-based, non-profit mission. Our charge is to bring  “the abundant life” to seniors across New Jersey and that philosophy is an integral part of the mission of the associates we send to your home.

  • In addition to being state certified our caregivers are screened for experience, compassion and patience in dealing with seniors.
  • All programs include nursing assessments by a Registered Nurse, supervision, and ongoing monitoring as necessary.
  • Our program leverages the social programs and the care network in our assisted living communities across NJ.
  • We are driven by a faith-based mission to bring the “abundant life” into the lives of seniors. As such we offer Pastoral Care to help families and patients through difficult situations.

Call a HomeWorks representative today and see how easy respite care peace of mind for you and your loved one can be.

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