Mission and Philosophy

Throughout its 112 year history, United Methodist Communities (UMC) has continued to grow and innovate to meet the needs of older adults. The nonprofit, faith-based organization began when a few people responded to a bishop’s post-Civil War challenge to house widows and orphans and others responded to the need for retirement housing for Methodist missionaries, deaconesses, pastors, and laity. The first site, a small residential home in Ocean Grove, marked its beginning as a leader in senior living and care.

Each of United Methodist Communities’ full-service campuses has been designed as a continuum to allow residents to access multiple services under one roof.  UMC customizes and scales services to accommodate residents’ needs. Transforming the healthcare residences from traditional nursing into household models where residents can experience greater autonomy and satisfaction, represents one innovation. Also, UMC offers Bridges Hospice and Palliative Care in private assisted living neighborhoods for people who prefer not to or cannot do so at home, establishing a new model.

An infrastructure of aides, medical experts, nurses, exercise physiologists, therapists and other specialists deliver care with a compassionate human touch. Complementing these, UMC utilizes proven innovative clinical interventions, such as IN2L and COMS Interactive to maximize resident well-being, and ThriveEx to promote physical activity and conditioning.

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Consistent with its social accountability and faith-based traditions, UMC offers affordable campuses where seniors live independently in vibrant community settings. Community life brings multidisciplinary programs to keep older adults engaged on every level.

In 2016, UMC broadened its ministry by implementing home and community-based services, reaching seniors beyond its campus walls. The launching of HomeWorks supports older adults at home, as well as those transitioning from or to hospitals, assisted living or nursing homes.

With three locations, compassionate and trustworthy caregivers travel to the homes of clients. HomeWorks offers personal care, case management and live-in services, as well as pastoral care.

The second prong of UMC’s home and community-based services comes to life through Senior Space, open to all older adults. The casual venues allow seniors to dance, exercise, socialize, take classes, join groups and clubs, access resources, learn to master technology and digital devices, engage in discussions, mingle, and have fun. Beside distinctive programs for older adults, they serve as a platform for additional senior services and support.

Whether you or your loved one desires the joy of living in community with others, wishes to remain at home, or simply access Senior Space, United Methodist Communities is here to enrich the lives of older adults of every faith and background each and every day.

United Methodist Communities –
A Faith-Based Mission

Unlike “for-profit” senior care facilities in New Jersey, United Methodist Communities is first and foremost, driven by principles of faith and its charitable mission to serve seniors of all faiths, backgrounds and needs.  Our commitment to mission and pastoral care is a unique part of United Methodist Communities.