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Avandell FAQs

Avandell FAQs

It’s important that individuals with dementia live meaningful and authentic lives in an environment that is safe. This vision is a holistic approach focusing on whole person well-being. UMC believes that this new model is a crucial step forward in bringing abundant life to those living with dementia.

Avandell takes the institution out of dementia living and care and puts it in a village setting where normalcy and engagement are the goals. This smaller scale environment reduces the stress and distress an individual who has dementia feels, and reducing distress is key to a happier life for the resident, family, and caregivers. We don’t manage behaviors with drugs, we make an effort to understand each resident and manage their stress and distress. It’s a sea change in the care paradigm, and as a result, the residents live a more meaningful and engaged life.

Our mantra is “know thy resident.” We endeavor to say YES when a person asks to do something. They want to go outside? Sure, why not. But it’s cold today. Yes, it is. Let’s put on your coat and go outside. Its normal to experience the weather. It’s normal to get up at your usual time for breakfast, plan your meals for the day and go to the grocery store. It’s normal to participate in a club group, or sit by the butterfly garden and feel the sun on your face and engage in a conversation with a passerby about the beauty of the day. These normal rhythms of life are what make Avandell unique.

UMC has been committed to finding a better way to serve people living with dementia. The development of Tapestries®, our branded dementia care philosophy, was the first step. A small group of UMC associates visited De Hogeweyk® in the Netherlands, the first dementia village in the world, and realized the need to bring normalcy and authenticity to dementia living.

Avandell will be a tranquil residential village for dementia residents. There will be 15, 7-bedroom houses with an unobtrusive, residential-style secure perimeter linking them. Additionally, within the secure perimeter there will be a town center building with gathering spaces for residents, potential residents, and visitors. Avandell will have landscaped meadows and buffers. The homes are designed to have a farmhouse aesthetic reminiscent of the rural nature of the area.

The Town Center is the heart of the village and includes a grocery store, bistro, and multi-purpose space for residents and their families to enjoy.

We are still working through the zoning process and will update this site as more information becomes available. In the meantime, if you would like to receive updates on Avandell please fill out the Contact Form and we’ll put you on our list.

The village will serve those with mid- to late-stage dementia. But it was important that we be able to serve people regardless of where they live. The Clinic and Hub will add assessment, support, engagement, and education for families, caregivers, and loved ones whether they live in the village or at home.

United Methodist Communities (UMC) is a faith-based not-for-profit organization founded over 100 years ago in Monmouth County to provide housing and services for New Jersey’s seniors. Today, UMC operates 9 senior living communities and a home health agency. Although Methodist in name, we serve people of all faiths and backgrounds. Our comprehensive care facilities provide skilled nursing, assisted living, memory support and independent living. UMC employs just over 1,000 people and serves 1,800 seniors across the State.