An Organization Is Only As Strong As Its Associates

During our strategic planning process, which culminated in the creation of our five-year strategic plan adopted by our board in 2013, we discussed visions for the future. Out of these discussions came the direction of a person-centered living model in our full-service communities, reaching into the community by establishing hubs for seniors who are not our residents, and exploring additional senior housing. These initiatives will only be possible with a foundation of strong associates.

So, is an organization is only as strong as its associates? That’s an interesting quote. While a Google search didn’t credit anyone, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who said it first. Whoever it was got it right. Good strong companies can’t succeed without good strong employees.

That’s one of the reasons United Methodist Communities has been around for over 100 years: committed, mission-driven people who bring their all to work every day. But we can’t rest on our laurels with ambitious goals in a changing economy, so as part of our strategic plan, we have committed to strengthening the organization’s human capital, giving our associates tools and support they need to grow and succeed to become better than ever.

Presently, United Methodist Communities offers newly hired associates an orientation, followed by periodic on-the-job training. Our tuition reimbursement program gives associates the opportunity to seek higher level educational opportunities.  Associates stay up-to-date with online learning on a variety of timely topics. Achievement of professional certifications brings recognition and the possibility of increased compensation. These and other learning and recognition opportunities provide associates with programs that strengthen their skills and abilities.

Our vision goes beyond learning opportunities and skill strengthening and transforms our work environment from company-centered to one that is employee-centered. We believe that providing career development programs, not just training, will offer associates career pathways within United Methodist Communities. Investments in strengthening human capital should help decrease turnover, create a talent reservoir for succession planning, bring efficiencies to operations and nurture a vibrant business organization.

Robbie Voloshin is Corporate Director of Marketing.