Wellsprings of Living Water

United Methodist Communities and its predecessors were founded on the beliefs that faith heals and spiritual care is therapeutic. Our call to healing ministry is inspired by John Wesley’s passionate stance that healing the world is the responsibility of every authentic person of faith. We live out this call, not only by the medical care and social support we provide but also by nurturing souls, binding up spiritual and emotional wounds and promoting wellness through spiritually-inspired, abundant living.

Wesley knew that the “living water” of Jesus’ presence is like a “spring gushing up to eternal life” (John 4:14b) that quenches all our thirst with the healing power of God’s love. We encounter that living water in Jesus’ healing love as we discover consolation, hope, strength for perseverance and renewed sense of meaning and purpose. We are blessed Human hand cupped to catch the fresh water from the lake, sunlight from sunset passing through the transparence of the water.with these strengths and our thirst is quenched by the spring of living water as we give and receive spiritual care.

For example, a chaplain intern at United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen led a “Prayer Pals” program, which paired residents in the Harris Center, who gave permission to be prayed for, with persons in the Memory Support Residence, who were open to praying for others. The Harris residents were uplifted by knowing they were being cared for by others and the Memory Support residents felt energized by their own faith memory and experienced an increased sense of purpose because they had something meaningful they could do for others.

Likewise, our Music and Memories Services and worship services in our health care residences reconnect persons with dementia with the joy and reassurance of their faith. It’s humbling when someone who is unable to organize complex thoughts begins reciting the 23rd Psalm, praying The Lord’s Prayer or singing Amazing Grace.

Wellsprings of Living Water!