Living Mission Our Own Way

As Methodists, we have always done things our own way. At a time when most Christians saw God as a distant, all-controlling judge, John Wesley, our founder, believed in grace, free will and in faith embracing both belief and service. Proclaiming a God of love and invoking compassionate service, individual choice, and personal responsibility, Wesley inspired hope, nurtured an attitude of abundance and offered a sense of purpose for people who suffered in hopeless desperation. He blessed others by doing things his own way, including founding two homes for widows, which he supported at great personal sacrifice. His value of mission and example of servant-leadership inspired United Methodist Communities and its predecessors to become unique, mission-driven ministries.Shot of a group of friends putting their hands together in prayer

We follow in Wesley’s footsteps, serving others in ways uniquely our own. Our communities were created to care for Methodist widows, deaconesses, and missionaries. Today, we welcome retirement age adults of all faiths. We are embracing person-centered living and household models so that our communities truly become homes. We’re adding home and community-based services so that we can promote abundance for seniors and their families throughout our state. Also, we have renewed our mission and value statements and are creating Associate Mission Teams which celebrate and honor our identity as a faith-based ministry. I’m excited that in these and many other areas, we nurture hope and provide opportunities for abundant living in ways uniquely our own.

Compassionate service and empowering choices for abundant living remain at the core of our faith identity. The Apostle Paul said, “God gives us each unique gifts for the common good” (1 Corinthians 12:7 – paraphrased). We choose to use our gifts to serve you because we believe God intends for us all to pursue the fullness of life in our own way.