A devotion for the Tuesday of Holy Week

by Rev. Salvatore Seirmarco
Staff Chaplain, United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen
Read Psalm 46:1,10a

God is refuge

Sunday was Palm Sunday! We should be filled with joy, for our king has come. We should, and we have, shout Hosanna. Our king has come, not to fill our expectations, but to call us to live to his. We should be filled with joy and pride for this. But we also are called to be deflated, defeated, and ashamed as we walk through Maundy Thursday to Good Friday, and eventually Easter Sunday.

When I do memorial services, I try to express a great point. And I think it applies to Holy week, and Jesus’ passion. Even though we walk through the valley of death, we walk. We keep walking. Death does not stop us. Christ’s death on Friday does not stop us.

We MUST keep walking. We must get to the glorious empty tomb on Sunday. And Christ has gone before us, he will come again, but he is walking with us. Neither life nor death, NOTHING can separate us from the love of God in Christ. Hosanna! The Lord saves us and has urged us too keep walking.