SeniorFITness – For Healthy Aging

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For a high quality of life, it is vital to stay active, especially as we advance in age. United Methodist Communities is committed to improving the lives of our residents. A key development of our efforts in this regard is our recent SeniorFITness program roll out at United Methodist Communities at The Shores.

Managed by professional exercise physiologists, SeniorFITness is the multidisciplinary program that is both fun and functional for older adults. The program includes activities to improve strength, balance, mobility and mental well-being for residents.

SeniorFITness offers variety of benefits to the participants. They’ll learn the why and how behind the program’s movements and activities. It also helps to prevent injuries and increases the longevity of completing daily activities without assistance. Physical exercise also presents a great avenue to meet others and take on age appropriate physical challenges in a friendly supportive environment.

The United Methodist Communities belief that cognitive, physical and social activity work together in establishing overall health, lay at the core of the resident offerings. Ultimately, all five assisted living communities, which maintain a wide variety of optional programs dedicated to keeping seniors active and strong, will implement SeniorFITness.

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