Profiles in Philanthropy: Lee Schubert & Jane Rehmke

Independent LivingNearly everyone has a close friend or family member who has suffered from Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Care is always a major concern. Luckily, the United Methodist Communities has kindhearted, philanthropic and generous individuals willing to support such great need.

Lee Schubert, a former member of the Communities’ board of directors and a current member of the board of trustees for the Communities’ Foundation, and his wife Jane Rehmke, know full well the challenges that come with caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Having generously supported previous projects at Bristol Glen in Newton, the late Rev. Dr. George Watt approached Lee and Jane about a Memory Support Residence (MSR) that would provide the perfect environment to improve the quality of life for residents with all levels of memory loss and other cognitive impairments.

“I think that when someone first approached me for supporting the memory residence at Bristol Glen, I became convinced there are modern treatment methods and approaches that are effective and not previously available,” said Lee.

He first became more aware of the needs of Alzheimer’s residents when Ronald Reagan’s memory loss issues became public, including the level of care Reagan was receiving at that time. Lee learned that Bristol Glen was not ideally suited for the needs of residents with Alzheimer’s. As Lee and Jane learned more about the plans there, they began to think about Jane’s uncle, John Ziegler, to whom she was very close. Ziegler was a pilot whose flying buddies began to notice he was no longer up to flying and eventually, he could no longer do so.

“We just liked the idea. We felt that Alzheimer’s care is very important,” said Lee. So they made a very generous contribution to the MSR at Bristol Glen in memory of John Ziegler.

Lee and Jane are very happy to support what the Communities is providing through its MSR. Lee feels it’s important to “expand understanding in treatment methods to enable Alzheimer’s residents to live as fully as is possible, given the limitations imposed by the onset of Alzheimer’s.”

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