The Enclave at Holmdel

United Methodist Communities introduces The Enclave at Holmdel, the next generation of living and care for those with dementia. The Enclave is an assisted living village serving 105 residents. The vision is a holistic approach, focusing on whole person well-being. This innovative model is a crucial step forward in bringing abundant life to those affected with dementia through supportive caregiving, enriching life holistically, engaging individuality, respecting the individual, maximizing the quality of life, utilizing technology, assisting with diagnosis, assessing for support needs, connecting with the community, and providing supportive housing. Central to our philosophy is the belief that individuals continue to grow and learn throughout life and are entitled to feel productive and meaningful. The environment will be protective but open and available, so that “normal” patterns of daily life are incited and supported. Technology will play a key role in safety as well as in engagement.

The Enclave will serve those living with dementia who can no longer reside at home. This will be a full community with normal rhythms of life. The anchor will be the town center, shown above, which includes the grocery store, bistro and multipurpose space for residents and their guests.

The community pavilion includes spaces for the salon/spa, health club, and club rooms for art, music, and social engagement for the residents. All of this is surrounded by green space, gardens, sensory paths, and more. 

Surrounding the village green are fifteen houses providing a home for seven residents each. The model elevates normalcy for residents through living their daily lives within a family-sized environment. Each house provides communal space with a living room, dining room, den, porch, laundry, and kitchen with each resident have a private bedroom and bathroom with a shower. Each household is autonomous but grouped into neighborhoods of 3 or 4 houses. 

The Enclave promotes dignity, quality of life, and most importantly, normalcy of life. We seek to be a change agent in bringing understanding, education, and a support to the management of neurocognitive disease. To learn even more about the Enclave, read the latest letter from our President & CEO.

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