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What Do You Think of When You Think of Senior Living?

Published By mweinbaum on June 6, 2022

By: Brooke Chappell, Marketing and Sales Director, United Methodist Communities at The Shores Close your eyes. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think senior living? For some it’ll be an old-style nursing home. For others it will be older adults sitting around doing nothing. People unfamiliar with senior living… Continue reading What Do You Think of When You Think of Senior Living?

The top 4 common chronic illnesses in Seniors explained

Published By mktagrp9 on May 24, 2022

It’s true that senior adults are more likely to experience common chronic illnesses. But there’s still good news – a healthy, quality life is possible by managing the symptoms of these chronic illnesses and making the right lifestyle choices.   In this article, we discuss the four most common chronic illnesses in seniors and how to… Continue reading The top 4 common chronic illnesses in Seniors explained

UMC MVP: Lisa Wilmer

Published By mweinbaum on May 23, 2022

United Methodist Communities at Collingswood is proud to introduce UMC MVP, a new way to recognize our amazing associates! Each month, we will pick associates who go above and beyond in the community. This month, in honor of National Nurses Week, we have chosen Lisa Wilmer. She brings much joy to the community. Lisa always… Continue reading UMC MVP: Lisa Wilmer

Skin Conditions Seniors Should Look Out For

Published By mktagrp9 on May 23, 2022
Mature elderly 60s woman applying cream on elbow in bedroom. Senior lady moisturizing dry body skin, taking treatment against eczema, injury or arthritis. Cosmetics, dermatology, skincare concept

Skin conditions are common in the senior population because as we age, our skin changes in ways that can make it more prone to disease. Older skin is less oily, less elastic, and thinner, which means it bruises and burns easily and can take a long time to heal when sun-damaged or injured. Even though… Continue reading Skin Conditions Seniors Should Look Out For

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