New Jersey Highlands Orchid Society “Blooms” in Bristol Glen

Orchids are considered among the most popular houseplants, this according to  Amazingly, there are 25,000 different types of orchids – with more being discovered every day.  “Orchids can impart a wide variety of messages,” the experts say, “but historically the meanings of orchids have included wealth, love, and beauty.”

Wikipedia tells us the cultivation of orchids in the 19th century England empowered a sprig of pink orchids shot in a studio against a white background, carefully composed to present the flower heads in a pleasing formation. Carefully lit and taken with a macro lens for maximum detail.“wealthy orchid fanatics to send explorers and collectors to almost every part of the world in search of new varieties.”  However, today’s orchid admirers are organized into highly knowledgeable regional societies.  One such group is the New Jersey Highlands Orchid Society, which has chosen the United Methodist Communities’ at Bristol Glen as its new home for their monthly meetings.

Society member, Doyle Frank, who was the keynote speaker at the group’s first Bristol Glen meeting recently, provided an informative lecture accompanied by a visual presentation.  He discussed different varieties, sizes, fragrances and characteristics of orchids from around the world.

Edith McGrath, the Society’s current president, noted that “starter orchids” were also brought to the meeting for Bristol Glen residents to try their hand at producing the beautiful blooms.  “At future meetings,” Ms. McGrath said, “we look forward to viewing beautiful blooms produced by our novice and experienced resident orchid growers.  As word spreads about the interest in orchids, we hope more and more residents will become involved.”