Why We Give: Magor Gifts Officer, Rody O’Rourke, Shares Her Motivation

RodyORourkeRody O’Rourke, major gifts officer, shares what motivates her in her work with United Methodist Communities:

Last Saturday on  November 1, I had the honor of co-hosting an ambassador training event at St. Peter’s Methodist Church in Ocean City with Pastor Barry Wehrle.

To say the weather was inclement would be an understatement; it was downright biblical. Torrential rains and high gusty winds of 40 miles per hour greeted every one of the dedicated ambassadors . To add to the challenge facing our intrepid volunteers, the main bridge was closed and there was no directions given to reroute them.  Still everyone who had promised in advance to attend arrived on time and with enthusiasm and a sense of fellowship. The meeting was a great success and I feel we all left with a renewed sense of purpose.

Since that day I have been thinking a lot about the commitment of each and every one of the dedicated volunteers who showed that day. It has led to the broader question of WHY anyone devotes their time, energy and resources to a cause or belief. It is a question that has as many answers as the people who do this work tirelessly and many times without recognition.

The question of why an organization aspires to a particular set of values and mission is equally important. The mission of the United Methodist Communities is “ compassionately serving in community so that all are free to choose abundant life.” This is the why behind who we are and what we do as associates of United Methodist Communities and perhaps an inspiration for our selfless volunteers who show up rain or shine to serve in fellowship.

No matter the “why” we are grateful and humbled to be in such good company.