An Uncommon Career Path

My career path began on a humid summer day — while running on a soccer field in Shavertown, PA. I don’t remember, but my mom told me, “As you collapsed, your wheezing could be heard from the sidelines.” Luckily, a nurse and parent spectator, recognized the symptoms of an asthma attack and jumped into action.

In the months ahead I saw doctors to confirm a lack of major health issues. Although they said I had suffered an asthma attack, during the testing they also diagnosed a heart condition called atrial septal defect. Miraculously, that first asthma attack led to the cardiologist finding the heart defect, which likely saved my life.The Shores Tyler Morgan head shot

Eventually, I had open heart surgery at the age 10. The doctor expected me to be hospitalized for a week and out of school for at least a month with no sports participation for six months or so. I, however, had other plans. I walked out of the hospital in two days, returned to school in a week and waited just three months before playing sports. In the following years, watchful adults didn’t allow me to be a careless and active kid.

I chose my career path as an exercise physiologist to show others they’re capable of overcoming anything as well as to help them. Although I did not completely understand that first asthma attack, I remember my parents’ fear and saw my father cry for the first time. I understand health issues from unique personal experiences. I want The Shores community to know my story and to feel reassured, I’m here to help in any way possible.

By Tyler Morgan, Exercise Physiologist and SeniorFITness Coordinator at The Shores