How Assisted Living Enhances Your Quality of Life

Quality of life is one of the leading concerns for seniors and their families when looking into assisted living facilities. When your health needs are changing and your day-to-day tasks are becoming more challenging, you’ll likely start to look at these communities – but what can they really offer you?

  • Independence: The ability to live your life as you’d like – a priority in each of our lives — is a priority in assisted living. At United Methodist Communities of New Jersey, we aim to give our residents the perfect balance between support services and an active lifestyle filled with independence, privacy and the opportunity for social activities and engagement.
  • Physical safety: Our communities and residences are designed especially for seniors, providing easy access and mobility and reducing the risks of falls and injuries. In addition, there is medical staff on duty 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide rapid, professional care if needed.
  • Mental and physical stimulation: Our communities offer specialized programs which provide a wonderful level of mental and physical stimulation, including gyms, educational classes, off-site trips, clubs, cultural activities and guest lectures. These activities help build  strong community relationships and are organized in a way that allows each person to choose their level of participation.
  • Day-to-day assistance: Often, household chores can become more challenging and time-consuming as we age. In order to free up your time for more important and enjoyable activities, our staff can assist you. This includes laundry services, household cleaning services and dining choices.
  • Transport: Outings to shops, social events and more are all organized and taken care of by our fully-trained and friendly staff. This gives you the freedom to carry out social and other appointments easily and safely, without having to worry about transport.
  • Scalable services: All our services are tailored to individual needs and requirements and can be upgraded as and when they are needed. This lets you choose exactly how much assistance you need from our caregivers and maintain an independent lifestyle. It also means that should you require more support, you can access it easily without having to relocate.

Enjoy life to the full in assisted living 

United Methodist Communities has assisted living communities across New Jersey dedicated to maintaining the independence and dignity of your elderly loved one for as long as possible. Our full continuum of services and social programs ensure residents receive the support needed and also get involved with the community at a level comfortable for you. For more information, contact us today.