Associate Close-Up: Debra Weinschenk

We recently sat down with the Director of Residential Life at Bristol Glen to learn more about her and her passion for senior care and services . These are her words:


Q: What is your name and position?

A: Debbie Weinschenk, RN (registered nurse), BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), GRN (geriatric resource nurse), Director of Residential Life at Bristol Glen.


Q: What do you like best about working for United Methodist Communities?

A: I love the sense of community and family. Our mission to provide abundant life is evident.


Q: What makes United Methodist Communities unique?

A: Every associate understands that we are a guest in the resident’s home and regardless of job description, we are all here to add quality to the resident’s life and general wellbeing.


Q: What does “Abundant Life” mean to you?

A: It means maintaining dignity and spiritual life above all; having a restorative approach to direct care, maintaining skills in all life areas, and providing desired activities and stimulation for each individual.


Q: What have you learned from working at UMC?

A: That no matter someone’s age, they deserve the opportunity to make every day the best it can possibly be.


Q: What has been your proudest moment at UMC?

A: Of the 15 or so Certified Nurse Aid courses I have taught in Bristol Glen, over 30 of my students went on to become professional nurses.


Q: What has been your career progression at UMC?

A: Staff Development Coordinator, Infection Control Nurse, BLS (basic life support) Instructor, and Director of Residential Life.


Q: Why did you choose senior care and services?

A:  I honestly chose senior care because it fit my needs at the time.  I quickly realized that senior care gave me an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life every day, and I have been here for 15 years.


Q: Is there an older adult who had a strong influence on your life?

A: My grandmother.


Q: Do you have a prominent memory of your grandmother and/or grandfather?

A: Yes, playing Crazy Eights every Saturday night for years.


Q: Do the residents inspire you? Does one resident stand out?

A: I have had the pleasure of meeting many residents that I admire for being self-determined and driven to obtain their goals.


Q: Where did you grow up? Where else have you lived?

A: I have always lived in New Jersey. I grew up in Bergen County.


Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

A: I walk at least five miles most days all year round and I love swimming and boating.


Q: What is your favorite family tradition?

A: Hearing what family members are thankful for on Thanksgiving.


Q: What are you most grateful for in your life?

A: My family.