Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Although moving to an assisted living community can be very stressful for seniors as well as their families, the great care, amenities, and socialization result in real improvements in care and quality of life. However, positive outcomes rely upon finding the right fit.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when on this search, from our assisted living community in Gloucester County.

  • Deciding too quickly: Even if your need for an assisted living community is urgent, it’s best not to go with the first one you see. Rather, narrow down your choices to a few that meet your criteria and then visit them all in person. This allows you to get a feel for the place and speak to staff, as well as observe what it’s like to live there first-hand.
  • Not considering future needs: Your loved one may not require much assistance selective focus image of hands holding magnifying glass over contractAll information on contract is fakeright now, but what about in 5 years or 10 years’ time? What if he or she develops Alzheimer’s or dementia, or requires long-term care? A move a few years in the future could be even more stressful and financially difficult than right now.Therefore, only consider communities that can scale their services up or down to keep it affordable as well as meet your loved one’s care needs.
  • Putting your needs over your loved ones: Because families often provide the financial support, it can be difficult to take a step back and accommodate your loved ones’ desires. The answer is to listen and compromise on things that are realistic, like having a separate apartment-style home rather than a room, or the location and amenities of the communities under consideration.
  • Not reviewing the contract: In order for your loved one to live in an assisted living community, you’ll have to sign a binding legal contract. While many of these are straightforward, they are detailed legal documents that carry essential information about care and costs. It’s important to know exactly how the contract works to make a fully informed decision, so you should take the time to read through it carefully or consult a lawyer.
  • Prioritizing location over services: At first glance, location seems like a natural priority — but in reality, care comes first. If choosing between a facility just a few minutes away offering more limited services or a less pleasant living arrangement, and one across town or even in the next city which offers better services, the services should come first. After all, this decision will determine your loved one’s daily quality of life, so traveling a little further is a smaller price to pay.

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